Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Lamenting the Dead

Hi everyone,

I'm very happy with my very first layout assignment. We had to design a character in a specific pose within a given environment. My teacher gave me the cool idea of having the character smoke a pipe :) Enjoy!

Pocahontas-Like Warrior!

I'm not too proud of this character, but I thought I'd put it up anyways. She could use a lot of improving. A few classmates were able to show me how her design could look better, and I was blown away by their ideas!

Character Jump using Flipbook

This was a very simple assignment for my Digital Tools course. I hope to get better at making the final line drawings more smooth and less stiff. I would like my digital drawings to have as much life as my rough traditional drawings :)

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sheridan Animation Portfolio (2015)

Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to upload my portfolio for a very long time. So here it is! I hope it helps anyone who wants to study animation at Sheridan College. So far I love the program and would recommend it to anyone who loves to draw!
NOTE: My portfolio was originally wait-listed, so keep that in mind when looking at it. My weakest section was Character Design.

One recommendation I would make to anyone going into animation school is to develop the ability to let go of your drawings. Especially the ones you love. A key aspect of animation, both in school and in the workplace, is the desire to make your drawings better and better. Sometimes this means re-doing a drawing that you thought was good but deep down you know that it could be better. Quality is the defining factor between a good film and a bad film. Of course if you are approaching a deadline you need to be smart, but if you have the time, then you can make it better! For my portfolio I went to extra life drawing three times a week for a whole year, producing hundreds and maybe thousands of drawings, and only selecting three. I tried to draw at least one or two hands per day. Finally (the most difficult of them all) I did my room and object drawings multiple times until I was satisfied with how they looked. My ideas for my storyboard, room, objects and even my hand poses changed several times before they reached their final state. Sometimes a good idea at the beginning would make it to the end, but most of the time I had to look for inspiration everywhere before I developed a really good, solid idea.

The Character Design section was the ONLY section of the portfolio that did not change drastically over time, because I was too in love with my character. I didn't really explore other animals or humans; I only wanted to draw my character. I think that because of my stubbornness, the design did not develop as much as it could of into a more solid character.

So I would encourage anyone reading this, whether you consider yourself an artist or not, to never settle for less, and to always strive for more in your work. Don't only compare your work with that of your classmates, but also with the work of your teachers, and their teachers, and your teacher's teachers.

Anyways, enjoy! :)

1) Observational Life Drawings

   Figure Drawings

Hand Drawings

Animal Drawings

2) Character Design

3) Storyboarding

4) Layout

Object Drawings

Room Drawings

5) Personal Artwork

Friday, 25 September 2015

Bouncing Ball, Bowling Ball, Balloon and Pendulum

Here are the remaining animation exercises: a bouncing ball (revised), a bowling ball, a balloon and a pendulum. I had a lot of fun doing the bowling ball and the balloon, although the cross contours were difficult to keep track of. :P

Friday, 11 September 2015

First Post

Hi everyone!

This is my very first blog post. It`s a simple animation exercise called The Bouncing Ball that you do in your first year. More exciting things to come :)